There is no better way to understand crowdfunding than to jump straight into one!

We have developed a series of crowdfunding and engagement workshops that do just that – simulate a crowdfund.  No fancy gimmicks or frills – just a full on session, that will give you the tool, the understanding and the confidence to embrace and engage effectively with your community.

If you are thinking about crowdfunding but have no idea where to start, we are running full day workshops throughout the UK looking at engagement, your value proposition and campaign management.

The format of these workshops is interactive, a minimum of 15 participants for each. Our  focus is engagement.  For this you will get the chance to simulate a crowdfund at breakneck speed so, be prepared!  By the end of the day you will have a better understanding about how to communicate with a wider audience, what they think of what you’re saying, and what to put into your communications plan.

We work alongside Generation Brave, that help unfold the incredible workshop.

The workshops are £75 per person, send us an inquiry email if you are keen to find out more get in touch Here, and check out our facebook albums too

Past participants found:
“Made me see social media in a new way” 
“The positive / negative feedback cycle was really motivating”
“This workshop was super interesting and insightful. I feel I  learned a lot, really really fast. Thank you!”
“Lots of useful learning and the exercise really helped to gel the idea”

For help with funding for this, please visit the Skills Development Scotland site.  For further details or to note your interest please Click Here to contact us by email.


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