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Brief:  To raise funds for the branding and packaging for Nucoco to help them to grow their business to the next level. Earlier in 2012 we completed our first crowdfund with Nucoco raising £12,000.  Nucoco is a Govan based chocolate factory and start-up who struggled to find funding for its branding and packaging.  Without this they were unable to grow, stock shops further afield than Glasgow and export. Together we came up with a plan.

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We carried out some branding sessions where we got to the bottom of their ‘personality’ – who was Nucoco, what did they stand for? What was their tone of voice? Then we looked at who their market was?  And the most interesting part of it, we realised that the market for the chocolate and the market for a crowdfund were actually two different things. Then we looked at messaging.  What should the message be? How should we relay it? What communication channels should we use? Once we had got to the bottom of all of these factors, we were ready to go.

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After 8 long weeks, a lot of fun and over 2,000 tweets we raised £12,000.  This resulted in creating an edible installation out of all of the chocolate bricks we had sold.  We were able to bring the online offline and celebrate with all of the Founding Members. Since then Nucoco have grown from strength to strength. Their branding is beautiful thanks to their collaboration with OStreet, and can now be found in 50 shops throughout Scotland.  They are looking to export to the USA later this year. Read through our blogs to learn some more from our experience.


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