Medicines Dark Secrets

Project: Medicine’s Dark Secrets

Services:  Engagement and Crowdfunding strategy, mentoring

Brief: to consult on initial campaign strategy,  social media and authentic engagement

Medicine’s Dark Secrets IndieGoGo Campaign Video from Big baby Productions Ltd on Vimeo.

We became involved with Medicine’s Dark Secrets because of the enthusiasm and passion and sheer determination that the team were showing about something they completely believe in. The production company, based in the Western Isles, aims to raise $30,000 on Indiegogo to fund an independent documentary that aims to tell the story of innocent victims who went under the knife to help further the advancement of modern medicine and surgical techniques.

Rewards include syphillis cupcakes, and invitation to film with the Ravenmaster of London Tower, as well as stills from the documentary and from Lindsey’s own collection.

In the feature length documentary, they aim to follow a body from the moment of death, to its delivery onto the surgeon’s table, continue through the process of anatomization and what happened after; concluding with a selection of body parts in medical collections that no member of the public has seen – until now.

Hosted by the ‘chirurgeon‘s apprentice’, Dr Lindsey Fitzharris this documentary will be engaging if not at some times a bit gory. But the gore isn’t the reason for making this film. Each victim had a story and up until now, only academics have access to them.  Lindsey is passionate about the fact that we should all know about these people’s histories as we have so much to learn from each of them, and that it shouldn’t just be academia who benefits from these.

As well as online crowdfunding, they are also raising funds offline and already have interest from distributors. Click here to follow this campaign.  There’s still time left to donate!

It’s not only us who were gripped by the idea – see what others have written about Medicine’s Dark Secrets:

The Sterile Eye ,Disinformation Magazine ,The Daily Dose , Of Corpse , Good Reads , The Quack Doctor , Morbid Curiosity

This crowdfund closed on Friday 26th April raising $32,220 of their target of $30,000.


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