What We Do

As SoLoCo has evolved so has the range of what we offer. If you feel that you have a fantastic idea, and you want some help to engage with new customers, we can help. We are both focused and creative at the same time, never letting go of the overall vision of your company and we make sure that your messaging and campaigning is as authentic as you.

We work with clients at every level during a campaign.  We can work with you throughout a whole campaign, devising and implementing our methodology to manage a fully-fledged crowdfund or engagement campaign.  Alternatively, if you have already written your strategy for a crowdfund but would like us to look over it for you, we are happy to do this and be at the end of the phone when you need us!

We view each client as a partner, offering consultancy and mentoring at any stage of your crowdfund or engagement campaign.

Check out our portfolio section to see what we are doing with each of our clients.


One thought on “What We Do

  1. Hi, we are interested in developing a crowdfunding campaign and would to talk about how you as a company can help us.


    Neil Symmonds
    +44 7956147174

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