The Team

We are an enthusiastic Scottish based agency, our expertise come from our partners bespoke experience of strategic marketing, campaign development – specifically crowdfunding, enterprise development and social media engagement.

Co-Founders, Kirsty and John bring with them several years experience in both the private and not-for-profit in fundraising, online marketing and creative campaigns.

Kirsty’s journey to this point here has wound through a variety of ‘careers’ from being change manager, charity fundraiser, online marketing and business development.  It was all these experiences together that brought the idea of SoLoCo into play.

This is been complemented by John, who has spent a large amount of his career in Agency land, creating and project managing very beautiful things from websites to photo shoots.  He brings to all campaigns boldness, beauty and humour.

We are now really pleased to introduce David Gilchrist and James Fullarton onto the team; David brings 20 years of business development and sales experience, James a canny ability to find how to connect people together online.

Our Partners

We work alongside our partners on various projects from delivering workshops to strategic implementation.

Generation Brave

Generation Brave

SoLoCo is a member of Generation Brave, a co-operative that designs and delivers innovative events, workshops, development programmes and training, to the clients agenda for improved business outcomes.

We offer unrivalled creativity and professionalism to our clients; we champion and apply good design, visual communication, customer experience, value proposition development, innovation & disruption, service design thinking and learning through play.
We at SoLoCo particularly like the bit about the innovation and disruption…

BOLD is a branding agency that specialises in social enterprise and social business. Basically they like to help others do good by creating beautiful brands that matter. Kirsty and John both take a leading role in this agency, much of which informs our work throughout SoLoCo.



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