G is for Gratitude

Gratitude is key to your crowdfund. Each donor has done more than just donated money. They have taken the time and effort to show their commitment to your cause, and to your future. This time and effort is priceless and should never be underestimated or taken lightly.

Think about the process that person goes through to actually donate. They have thought through your offering in their head, worked out if they care about it enough, and then taken the time to actual physically go through the paying process. Yes, they may want the reward you are offering but more often than not they are giving you the thumbs up for your approach.
So, if you forget to personally say thank you to that person – they can automatically feel quite disaffected, disgruntled and less likely to tell others about you. In fact they are much more likely to warn others off giving to you too.
So, never forget gratitude. If it wasn’t for your donors, you wouldn’t get anywhere.
So, some tips on saying thank you…

– They don’t have to be lengthy, they just have to be authentic.
– Personalise your thankyou’s whether by email or tweet.
– Take a photograph that means something to the donor(s).
– Do a personalised youtube/ vimeo film.

None of these have to take long – but each of them will mean a huge amount to the person who has gone out of their way to engage with you.
So, for all of you who will read this blog and take heed,

Thank you.


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