D is for Draining….!

We hear lots of hype about successful crowdfunds – but what we don’t hear is the behind the scenes work involved and actually how draining it is, it can be relentless.

Because most people tend to only crowdfund once, they are not prepared for the ongoing madness that just can’t let up until the end. Moreover, you’ll probably be trying to fit the crowdfund around your job, which means you’ll be putting in twice as much work, time and effort.

Speaking from experience here though we supported projects on our original platform, it wasn’t until we actually carried out a live crowdfunding campaign did we had any idea of the commitment, energy and early mornings that were involved. So, here are some tips to manage the drain.

Work out exactly how much you are trying to raise and over what period of time. We chose 80 days for the Nucoco campaign. That’s 80 days of tweeting, facebooking, writing thank you emails and updates to donors, very draining. From one SoLoCo account alone, over 3000 Tweets were sent during the campaign.

Ensure your Comms plan is flexible. If you’re getting fatigued with your messaging you can be sure that your followers are too. Early on we could see the tell-tale signs of boredom and worked out how we could change our messaging; putting out a photo campaign, focusing more on filming, doing a series of funny tweets, conversing more with our donors (that always made us feel better!)

Have lots of people to help out. Share the load. Be aware if one of the team is burning out.

Have a laugh. Don’t forget, its about engaging people and humour is often a great way to get your messages across.

Have team bonding sessions. Go to the pub. Go out, let your hair down, have a laugh.

Book some time out after the crowdfund. This is vital, you’ll need it. We were up at 7am every morning tweeting, including Saturdays and Sundays. It might be draining – but the pure adrenalin at the end is worth it.

Next up: E for Evangelise


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