C is for Creativity!

For arguments sake, lets say you have a very desirable product, a team of specialist marketeers and a massively engaged following…job done, your crowdfund will be easy and you can sit back and watch the cash roll in. If, one the other hand you don’t, then you need to get creative, very creative.

Next time you’re watching Telly or pass a billboard, pay attention to the advertising, see how they do it. Now I know they have big budgets but the principles are the same with or without money. Advertisers are not so clever, they just have a grasp of physiology; how to play to our emotions, our desires and our sense of fun. You have to think about what resources you have and make best use of them in a creative and inspiring way. Think about what will capture the imagination of your potential crowd, what do they want, what will make them sit up and give you some of their money. Again, have a look at other successful crowdfunds, strip away the veneer and see what they are actually offering, then watch how they present it.

For the difficult sell you will probably need what we call the ‘Golden Brick’ our metaphor for that thing that makes your customers really want to get involved. After that, you will need to get the messaging right. There may be more than one message to get out there depending on the diversity of your market. Use the social media channels effectively, try to get some PR if possible, get a celeb onboard, not easy but it can all be done if you put your mind to it. Get excited and your following will get excited too.

Before you publish your campaign, have the basic creatives in place, you need to know what you are doing before you begin. After launch you can add to or amend the messaging. You may find something surprising happens, something unexpected, go with it, add to your tool kit of messages, be creative in the way you respond.

And finally, listen to others around you, you may be so entrenched in your campaign you may miss something obvious to others around you who have clarity. Don’t be worried about adopting good ideas, make them your own and go for it. Some of the best advertising is theft, if the pros do it so can you. Remember, having fun with the creative will come across to your customers and they will like it all the more.

Next up – C is for Customers


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